It’s summer time over here. I have a few things to do and a lot I want to get done before school approaches. Aside from that long list I also want to design stickers to give out, but that’s not happening any time soon. When they’re completed you will all know. Before that I have to get back into my art groove and find a way to make money in order to fix my car. Looking at car pictures and videos isn’t going to help.

FR Sedan will be on break from now until some day. We’ll still be updating our facebook page because its easier/faster, but not this site (you can still submit stuff to our email or facebook). We thank you all for visiting this page and for liking the things we like. It has been fun and enjoyable, but we all know life is much more. This isn’t the end 😉

FRSedan facebook page

FRSedan facebook page

FRSedan facebook page

FRSedan facebook page

FRSedan facebook page

p1 p2

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3 Responses to BRB

  1. Minto says:

    ❤ FRsedan. 😦
    If you want a hand with stickers. Lemme know man. 🙂

    • Isidro says:

      Thanks. I want to do a lot of self development before making a sticker design. I won’t be on the internet as often as I usually am but I’ll let you know if we need help with the stickers.

  2. George says:

    saw a post of a JZX110 rear bumper that i really would like to get my hands on. do u have any ideas

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