Everyone knows rear wheel drive cars are cool. Whether you’re road racing or street drifting, having the power go to the rear wheels is a better (and way more fun) way to get around.

Now add four doors to that FR platform.

Thats what this blog is about, RWD Sedan/Saloon cars at the track getting sideways (or not) and being awesome. You will see many car models and lots of Cressidas and JZX chassis, enjoy and leave a comment or two.

If you would like to be added to the blogroll or anything else, you can leave a comment in this page or send an email to frsedanblog@gmail.com


16 Responses to About

  1. aildar says:

    if you interested, you can check out some pretty jzx100 and jzx110 from Russia. Both cars have 1jz-gte under the hood.


  2. thomas says:

    i comment on your site so often because it’s on my link bar between facebook and northwestnissans.

    thanks for all the good content to oggle over! do you have a build going on ziptied?

  3. aildar says:

    Hi! do you have email or icq, a have some interesting photo materials for you, may be you will be interested in.

  4. aildar says:

    not at all 🙂

  5. hi bro! im paolo from manila philippines , i have tons of cefiro and cressida pics at my facebook account, like you, i’m an avid fan of these cars…please check it out…you could just grab the photos and feel free to post any of the pics you like here….the cefiros your about to see are original left hand drive here….i have owned a lot of them, during the past years, as you will see in the albums i have at facebook…please do check them out….my current project is a gx81 cressida which you will also see at facebook…thanks bro! add me at fb…my email add is pao_ares@yahoo.com…..check out my photos as well. you will see that i drifted a jzx100, rhd converted to lhd here at one of our circuits…

  6. maz says:

    Apparently the “frsedanblog@gmail.com” address wasn’t forwarding the emails to me and I sort of forgot to check it every once in a while.

    I went ahead and fixed that, and also forwarded the emails to Isidro, so for those of you who emailed us with contributions or blogroll requests, we will finally take care of all that. 🙂

  7. Enoezam says:

    I moved to. http://enoezam.wordpress.com/ When are we gonna see your build though?

  8. TakaFuji says:

    Interesting WP! Greetings from Malaysia!! FF Grip Touge 🙂

  9. zee says:

    the top 3 recent Aristo pics is my friends car… hes a good buddy of mine… there is actually 2 of them now that match paint…

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